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New Beginnings, Hard Farewells…

Where to start? For 15 years my work has been rooted on the heart of the community arts and music education scene in Limerick City, a city that as a Clare woman I am proud to call my own. From my days at Spotlight Stage School, getting the bus into town and hanging out with my buddies before class, my secondary and 3rd level education and subsequently carving out a career for myself in Community Music, and in many ways leading the way in the area in terms of quality and standards. I am proud to say. My work took me to Liverpool, Belfast, Michigan, Sydney and Galway and I brought all that experience and love back with me to the city I love so much, the people I connect with.

After the birth of my first child, I returned to work when he was 6 months old, pregnant with my second. I took on new work and returned to old to earn enough to take a longer maternity with my expectant number 2. The ongoing relationship with Corpus Christi PS grew stronger and we took on Community Music MA students for learning and mentor-ship throughout. A strong hand is what you must have as a female in this game. You need plenty of work to return to, and in particular in my case, having 2 kids back to back, finding myself turning down word. People do not ring again.

With promises of new work upon the lips of a new project, I let long standing projects go. This was a mistake, as the promises did not transpire. The knock on effect has been immense; financially, professionally and personally.

I wrote the above in 2014, and didn’t get round to finishing it not to mind publishing it. All of this and further set backs have been a blessing in disguise, I have had the chance to reevaluate what it is I do, and why. Placing myself and my work back int he land of freelancing and feeding off the creative forces of friends in theatre for young audiences, I continue to read academically and reflect every day. It is not easy, it never is, but I do love it and I probably couldn’t do anything else.

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