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Bread and Roses

Like many other things, the Limerick City of Culture, seemed to pass me by over the last 2 years. I will resist referring to my lack of engagement on the ground yet again and talk about a great few weeks, gently bringing my head back into the ‘game’. My good friend and colleague, Jennifer Moroney Ward, secured funding from the LCC to run a political festival! The Limerick Spring – great name, great festival. Jen with a committee of 11 worked tirelessly to get the event off the ground, and I penciled in dates well for every evening. This did prove ambitious but we did attend the majority of gatherings, with pleasure. We met new faces and genuinely made new friends, like minded people, who seem to love this country but have had enough of being pushed around. A mid week gig organised by one such like minded soul, Ciara Delaney, was invigorating.  ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Spotified’, featured singer songwriters from around Limerick performing both original and covered material, all protest songs of sorts. Very Woody Guthrie like, calm but true, not in a shouty way but in a way that made you listen, nevertheless. My lovely husband and I played a couple of songs for the first time, in a while. So nice to sit down and play music in the evenings, a pleasure.  12 wonderful women and I also met to sing a song called, ‘Bread and Roses’Image


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