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Oh Blog, how I have missed you!

The guilt! I haven’t blogged in over a year,and thus have stopped reflecting on my work and that is not good. I have tried but time is precious since having our son, Tiernan, who turned 1 last week. I am completely and utter in love with him, you have no idea.

As any practicing community musician knows, it is a tough area to work in at the best of times; grant applications, justification of work, staying fresh, keeping groups on board, being truly creative, staying close to our philosophical roots, invoicing, balancing the books, hours consistently being challenged and cut – irrespective of good or bad financial times. It is tough, but since becoming a mother it is even tougher! I suppose the fact that I am 7 months pregnant with our second child adds to the challenge. I haven’t finished work and already I am planning on my return, I have given up my research ‘for the moment’. My list of priorities has changed, and as a result a large part of what I held dear as a community musician is gone. There simply is not any time, and that is ok, more than ok but I do miss it. My work is as interesting as ever, spanning from 3-78 year olds! All requiring an age appropriate approach, all with different and specific needs which call for a certain approach. Now in the past I most certainly would have been using labels such as ‘pedagogical characteristics’ and ‘environmental restraints’  but my head isn’t there. My reading list has somewhat shifted! Perhaps if this game gets too tough I might take a course in early childhood developmental studies, I have acquired quite the collection. Also, the office is now a nursery!

There isn’t much else to say, really. I do want to talk about the individual groups we’ve been working with since September and the impact of the banking crisis on the community musician, as experienced by myself and I promise MYSELF to do it soon.

Over and out, it is way past my bedtime…Julie